Luvina Jewelers is owned and operated by Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited, a renowned Hong Kong Jewellery Group established in 1991, and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997.

Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited, together with its subsidiaries, (the Group) was founded by a group of experienced jewelry specialists, possessing unique market expertise in the jewelry industry. With over 30 years of experience by the founders, the Group has achieved outstanding performance in merchandising, sales, administration, financial, and marketing aspects.

The Group principally engages in the sourcing and retail sales of a variety of gold jewelry, gold ornaments, gem-set jewelry, gemstones and other accessory items. Currently, the Group operates 27 jewelry retail shops in Hong Kong, Macau and Canada under the name of Luk Fook Jewellery & Goldsmith, and has over 190 recognized licensees in P.R.C. China.

The Group is also one of the most popular jewelry retailers in Hong Kong, and is best known for its excellent product quality and trendy designs. The Group has won numerous awards and accolades in national and international jewelry competitions worldwide, and its products are recognized works of craftsmanship. Please access this link to view some of our award winning pieces.

In addition to its success in designing, the Groupí»s excellent management has earned it many honors, one of which is selected by Forbes Magazine Asia in October 2005, as one of the Asian and Pacificí»s 200 best managed companies with annual revenues under US$1billion. Of the 22 retailers that were selected in Hong Kong, the Group is honored to be the only jewelry retailer selected.

Luvina Jewelers

Luvina Jewelers is one of the Groupí»s jewelry operating division, first established in San Jose, California, United States in June 2006. Luvina Jewelers carries not only the same trendy and fashionable jewelry that the Group is well known for, but also specially designed pieces and styles to cater to North American markets.

Luvina Jewelers operates on the same customer-oriented business philosophy that has enabled the success of the Groupí»s Luk Fook brand. Coupled with an excellent variety of stylish, fashionable designed jewelry pieces, Luvina Jewelers aims to satisfy the desires and needs of its customers.